A new way of living...

Hey Friends,
How are you all going? I mean how are you all really going? Are you hanging in there or having some good days and some bad?
Please know that in these times we are all having it's completely normal...

I mean one minute we're all going about life like normal, off to the gym, then home to do the school run or get ready for work, straight to your favorite place to grab a take away coffee, weekend plans are coming up seeing family and friends it was all running like water coming out of a tap!

Then we get hit with a pandemic! A worldly crisis... The 'Coronavirus' and there you have it right from the running tap with water, it's like we had a plumbing issue and what we thought we had to survive was cut from us... But guess what great news is we still have fresh water running from our taps, a roof over our heads and a pillow to tuck up with at night.

And although some have had to move back home with parents, have lost their jobs, businesses have gone bust or family have passed on, if you are reading this from the palm of your hand right now, from that blue screen you hold in your hand, then you are one of the lucky ones, because guess what like D:ream once sang "Things can only get better" that is what we all need to remember, that hope is always on the way.

D:ream "Things can only get better"
So hold tight, breathe and let go.. If you need to cry, scream, laugh and shout, please play this song, sing it loud and clear and know that better days are coming you just have to have faith.

And even know life will be different for us all going forward in many ways, know in this time that you cannot control what's going on in the world, all you can do is be in control of your own mind, thoughts and the things you need to live your life the way you need to.

My Quote for us all...
You don't think your way to a new way of living.
You live your way to a new way of thinking.
- David Schnarch

Here's some snaps of me roaming around the city of Hamburg the last few days. Making the most of the things we are able to do...

Red flowers  
Building flowers
Flowers purple 
flowers purp
Keep Smiling, always shining.
Amber + the FMF team x

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