Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.
I’m so fortunate to have spent over the last 5yrs meeting you all through FMF.  Not only did I have the absolute pleasure of being more like a personal stylist and styling you so many of our gorgeous pieces I hand picked from all of our awesome brands, that made you only feel your absolute best which always made my day, having the opportunity to get to know you all on a personal level, hearing your stories, supporting you through good times and bad was such an incredible feeling. 
We had many laughs till we were on the floor or lots of tears till we had nothing more! These were some of my greatest moments that we shared with you all at FMF  and I’ll forever carry these memories in my heart❣ 
The most incredible thing through all of this was when I also had my own things happening you were all there to support me and I think that’s what is so special about all of you that I connected with so many strong and super awesome women! 
We came together and supported one another through good times and bad. 🙏🏻
To all of you incredible women reading this post, thank you for being who you are, sharing your stories and connecting with us through the likes of @fashionmusicfriends Always remember that you are the building blocks to our awesome brand. 
We love you all very much have a wonderful weekend friends 💋 
Much love and good vibes Amber + The FMF TEAM ♥️♥️♥️
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