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Thought I'd touch base and share some old school history on Fashion Music Friends, kind of like a did you ever know?

To whoever is connecting with us on this week’s blog, hello and welcome. We hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment on the blog below 😊
So here it goes…

Did you ever know the reason why I named the store Fashion Music Friends?

Not only was it so we could bring all those things together in the one place, selling cool threads and having our fun Friday night sessions in store and holding some incredible live music, Dj sets, amazing art shows and wonderful book launches, it was also a place for all of you our incredible customers and 'Friends' to come and shop with us and feel like it was a home away from home.

store 3 store 4

store 3

Friends n me


old store


m n dad


I I always wanted to ensure we offered a friendly service that was always my no1 priority.




It was a place we made our customers feel extremely welcomed no matter what! If you came in store or messaged us on social and were having a bad or good day, FMF was a place you could come to for a good retail therapy fix.

store 6

store 17

store 8

store 12
dog bowl

store 9

store 2

store 10

My staff and I worked very hard to ensure that if we didn’t know you, we would take the time to get to know you, so we knew that every time you came by and caught up with us in store or via social, we could serve you with the pieces we knew you’d love and enjoy and from this you would be left feeling like your incredible self again.

store 14

store 16store 16

store 20

store 11

store 19

store 1

Not only were all those things important to myself and my awesome team over the years with  those three words and what we offered, it was from my personal and professional background where Fashion Music Friends was born.

I have always been in Fashion Industry since my school days. I had my first Fashion Business at the early age of 21.

I was producing a label in China and wholesaling my collections across Australia and New Zealand.

Here I share some pics from when i was a kid, traveling to China to Produce my own label at 21, working in Fashion Wholesale and in more recent years building Fashion Music Friends. I guess the pic below is where it all really started me...

The days spent being dressed by my baby sitters in Grace Bros bags now known as Myer... So happy it got better than this! LOL

Fash 6

Fash 10

Fash 5

Fash 1

Fash 2

Fash 4

Alongside of this I have always been a dancer since I was young, and music was also a very important part of my life growing up. Because of this, that’s how I started in the music industry writing, recording and performing…



Singing 2 
singing 11

singing 10

singing now

Here is the link to my latest release 'Boy'
Hope you enjoy :-)

And the ‘friends’ part… Hmm well I guess if you’re reading this blog and we have met you’ll already know that’s just me!!

I love connecting and making people feel great about themselves and of course through all of this making friends and solid connections with everyone, treating them more like family.

store 16

store 18

store 27

store 28

store 19

store 20

store 22

store 23

Being able to open a store with those three powerful words and words that everyone around the world would understand and could pronounce even if you didn’t speak English, was extremely important to me as it is everything I stand for, everything I live by and breathe every day, so it was important to open a store and start a brand that we all know it as today “Fashion Music Friends” so now you know the background of where those three words were born from.

store 23

store 24

store 25

store 30


store 33


store 34

store 38
store 17

I hope the next time you say hello or purchase something from us, know you are becoming a part of something real and something special that separates ourselves us from the rest.

Thank you for reading our blog this week, stay tuned on some super cool things underway in the next weeks to come.
Much love and good vibes.
Amber + The FMF Team xx

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