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Hey Guys,
Hope you're all having an awesome week? Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2018!!! Where does the time go, it's bloody madness, either that or it's just me getting older! LOL 
So I wanted to share with you all my fun birthday weekend. Bit of work and play, not planned but I like that, because the thing you least expect happens, the people you didn't think you'd see you catch up and hangout with then it becomes this fun memorable weekend. 
Mine was all of that and more and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made it that much more memorable, your calls, messages really made turning 34 that much sweeter. 
me_codecartel Me_jennadress
Wearing Jenna Dress / Available in Pink + Black / Twirly Earrings / Cosmic Pendant / in store + Online 
So here we go...
It all started out on Friday, busiest day in store it was crazy!
I met lots of lovely new friends in store, caught up with our regulars and styled up a storm, it was such an awesome day... Then all of a sudden I get this crazy cat balloon delivery and I was like what the actual F... SERIOUSLY! LOL 
At 34 my beautiful friend Laura who I met working together at Seduce clothing back in 2011, actually sent me a CAT Balloon for my birthday, insane right! 
Balloons by @winkballoons
It was seriously one of the best presents I had ever had well at least one the funniest! 
If anyone knows me they'll know I love dogs yes, but I'm a true cat person at heart! I always have been and I've always had one or two growing up.
So this to me was everything. Thanks Laurie YOU ARE AMAZING! LOVE YOU GURLLL!! checkout Lauras amazing cakes on intsta @bllacucina__
Not only did I get a cat balloon, but at lunch time I also ordered my usual yummy toasted sandwich from our beautiful neighbors at Room 10. 
I couldn't stop laughing it was like at 34 I am now this single cat lady LOL it came with our FMF name and a cat drawing by the beautiful Michelle, it's the little things like this that really makes my day. Thanks guys, always serving up the best, we're so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors!
It went from Crazy Cat crazy events, to my gorgeous friend Rebekah popping by, who I enjoyed a few glasses of bubbles with to my crazy and beautiful friend Sven and his friend Alain popping by, bringing back more champagne to celebrate the birthday weekend.
It's times like these, that are least expected and not planned, that end up being one of the best catch up's and most memorable celebrations with friends. 
Thank you to all of you for making my pre birthday celebrations that much sweeter, you made my evening. Thanks so much love you all so much! 
So here we are, finally made it to my Birthday Saturday 24th November and what better way to spend the morning than handing out my favorite Nutie Donuts for free with every purchase to all our beautiful customers.  
It's kind of a dangerous right? I mean I don't know about you but I always tell myself on birthdays that everything is acceptable! Donuts, champagne, pasta I mean the works right? Does anyone else do the same? 
I kept cutting up samples for everyone to try... And that didn't go down well because I kept bloody eating them! I'm such a sucker for sweets, I mean I think I've got a serious problem at times! LOL 
After an eventful day in store, the FMF team and our lovely supplier Courtney headed out for pre drinks in the afternoon at The Bourbon in Potts Point, before heading to our next event.
After sipping some bubbldes we headed over to The Warehouse Collective's event held at the Australian Technology Park "Knee Deep In Sydney'.
The Line-up had my favorite DJ playing 'Hot Since 82" along with some of the best Techno DJ's Kerry Chandler, DJ Heidi, to name a few.
The girls and I had a ball, it was a crazy, reminded be of Berlin it was nuts! 
event_techno WHC_3
So nice to be able to hangout with the girls, let our hair down and have a boogie. 
I wore our Olivia Dress in black and cut mine. It was super comfy to wear, paired it back with a pair of ankle boots. 
Me_oliviadress1  Me_oliviadress3 Me_oliviadress2
Stay tuned, as we enter December we've got some exciting topics coming your way. Follow us on insta @fashionmusicfriends for further updates. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this weeks blog, we hope you enjoy. 
Love Amber + The FMF Team xox 

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