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Hi Friends, 
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Long Weekend and you’re not still in recovery mode like I am still on Wednesday, after cooking a feast and eating lots of naughty treats! Hence why I thought hmm is everyone else feeling a little like me after eating a little bit too much of everything?

And if that is you then let’s start the new week with new body goals together!

So I thought why not put a blog together and share my lovable foodie recipe with all my awesome friends who shop and support us @fashiomusicfriends
I know some of you have messaged before asking for this recipe, and I’ve been a little bit, well a lot slack to get back to you, but hey better late than never! This is a great dish to get you through the winter season and look after your beautiful selves both inside and out! As that’s what this is all about, good food-good mood…

So, wherever you are in the world today reading this blog, I hope that you were able to see family and friends over the long weekend or even take some time to just be in the moment, catch your breath and do everything that is good for you, your soul and more. 

For me personally I get so overwhelmed at times by it all, that I end up going to my local cafe and picking up lots of banana bread to snack on! I mean let's be honest it's called banana bread for a reason right... It's healthy yeah? 

JUST KIDDING!!! I know you can only have this as a treat at times... But in all seriousness, I am just not a huge fan of DIETING for me personally... Well at least not always anyway.

This is not taking away that diets that work, because they absolutely do, with the right food coaches, dietitians, personality trainers who are educated around diets as well. I did a few diets back in 2018, cutting out sugar, carbs and dairy and it definitely worked NO WORD OF A LIE!
Devon loves shopping day, because he get's
a bag and some fresh spinach! :-)

But for me, I just want to have my cake and eat it too as they say... So I guess I needed to find a way that I can have delicious meals and things I can have on the go if I'm working insane hours, because I don't want to spend hours every day in the kitchen.

So I needed to find out what I love and something that can be nutritional to eat and give me all the health benefits I needed in my day, while still being able to eat some of the things I craved, like Banana bread!
And as my Dad always said "eating a balanced diet, is always the best." 

So focus on having the 80-20 rule and you'll be fine... And OK I am going to be brutally honest here, I do try to stick to this as much as possible but it also can depend how much I've slept, worked, trained, what my emotions are doing or how my body is physically feeling that week! And of course, in Corona times and living in a city like Hamburg where baked goods are the first thing you pick up in the morning, WELL I'm sorry but my corona life probably turned me into more or a bakery body! 

enjoy food_2
And that's OK too! I loved myself through the process and needed those extra sweeties to get me through. As my beautiful customers, family and friends back home in Australia enter the cooler months and for the rest of our customers, family and friends around the world going into a summer but mostly in a lock-down life... I thought why not share with you guys my balanced meals, so we can all get healthy together.  

Because GOOD FOOD, gives us all a GOOD MOOD! And as we enter our 6th Birthday Celebrations this month and move further into doing fitness wear, what better time for us all to do this together. Give our beautiful bodies nourishing food for the mind, body and soul. 
So here it is... 

Call it what you like as it's debatable! Frittata- Omelette? I don't know but it's bloody delicious! 



Ok nothing fancy now as it's just me in the kitchen prepping for my weekly meals... This is just a guided recipe, follow and do as you wish, I am no chef, no food coach, I am the owner of a busy Fashion Brand who needs less time in the kitchen so I can get all my tasks done but still eat well and enjoy what I am eating so I don't always turn to the things that don’t have so much nutrition value. 

So here we go... 

meal prep 2
Well firstly, let's see a cute cat pic! LOL

Siam cats are like puppies they need to be with you through everything! Lil Winnie is always down for a good mixing bowl especially when there's extra food left inside! :) 

meal prep

Firstly, prep all your food, get everything out on the kitchen bench so you can feel 100% comfortable while cooking and have fun with it! And most importantly bring your IPod dock or turn on your TV and put the music channel on, because cooking is time out for you right, so why not take some time cook a good dish and have fun with it! Even if you’re a business owner, a Dad or Mum, Aunt, cousin or someone who is running 2 or 3 jobs… Really take this time absorb every bit of it and have fun with taking the time to cook and just be in the moment.

Checkout our @fashionmusicfriends playlist on Spotify for loads of different playlists... Here is the one I listened to when cooking.

Over the years of running the business and working insane 16hr days or more and on bare minimal sleep or whatever it may be, after being in a corona time I really took some time to slow down and when doing things, I do them completely different now!

Even if the time takes a little longer the quality of everything is 100 times better. And I am someone who loves to eat, so it’s got to be a good bloody dish that tastes insanely good as it is one of the healthier dishes so it’s got to be cooked well, taste good so I can enjoy my treats on some days and not every bloody day like I had been having, because that’s why they call them treats!

Ok, everything is out on the counter…

  1. Take your baking trays out x2 and add baking paper to them.
  2. Set your oven to 180 degrees
  3. Wash all your vegetables
  4. Get your chopping board and cut up sweet potato in slices or however you like them really
  5. Add them to the baking paper tray, chuck a bunch of oil and salt over them and some cayenne pepper to taste, to finish off add your thyme and place in the oven.(Everyone’s oven is different, everyone’s taste for baking vegetables is different, for me I keep tossing them around with tongs until they have some crunch on them, so around 20-25 mins for mine.)
  6. Next cut up your bacon into small pieces or however you like them to be in your omelette I prefer mine in smaller pieces and place them on the baking paper and into the oven. Again everyone likes there’s cooked differently, for me 10-12 mins so they’re still soft with a little bit of crunch) Once cooked take them out and lay them to dry on a plate with paper towel to take away excess oils.)
  7. Next take a pan add some oil, add your pumpkin seeds and continue to toss them around so they don’t burn, cook for around 8-10 mins on medium heat until they change colour, then they’re nice and crunchy. You can turn the stove off and leave them in the pan waiting for the other ingredients to finish cooking to add them in.
  8. Next chop your capsicum and zucchini and add them to the second tray with some oil, salt and pepper to taste.
  9. Bake until you’re happy with them some like them soft others a bit more burnt and that’s me as I like them with a bit more caramelized flavour.
  10. While they’re cooking chop up your tomatoes into small pieces add them into the pan with the pumpkin seeds. Leave them ready to cook with all the other ingredients in the pan together shortly.
  11. Then depending on how many people you’re serving but for me I use x8 eggs and I can get through this within 3 days with some extra salad and bread on the side.
  12. Once all the vegetables have cooked and everything is ready to go add them into your pan with pumpkin seeds ad bacon.
  13. Then you can add some further spices in to taste.
  14. Turn stove back on with everything added in to the pan cook through together for a few mins to let all the ingredients settle in together.
  15. Then add your egg mixture mix into the vegetables
  16. Then cover the top in spinach
  17. Pop into the heated oven at 180 degrees cook until you’re ready to take out as some like it juicy others drier. For me I like to reheat mine the next days in a pan so I tend to leave mine still a little juicy.
  18. Then remove from the oven and cut into pizza slices.
  19. Serve a slice on a plate with a side of spinach and avocado and for extra taste add some oil over your spinach and avo and a few extra spices. And for me I like some extra carbs so I also toast a slice of bread and add butter and vegemite! It’s bloody delicious so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! LOL
  20. Lastly, don't forget to turn everything off! Enjoy x

enjoy food
Here's a pic of how I like to take sometime for me to sit and enjoy a delicious meal over reading a positive quote, by a beautiful bunch of flowers (from a local seller, not a supermarket) because it's always good to support your locals. And a candle from another local friend/business.

I think in life we are always so crazy busy!

So it's important to stop, slow down and learn to enjoy every moment by making them a memorable one. 

enjoy food 4

And sometimes, it's also important to share the moment with a friend as well... Here is a snap of some slices of omelette wrapped for my friend, so I can deliver to her. Corona life, has it's moments here in Hamburg, Germany. So it's always nice to check in with friends, give them some delicious food to make sure we're all doing ok and keeping them good vibes rolling. 

enjoy food 3
Thanks for taking the time to tune in and read my latest blog. This year we are embarking on a new journey at FMF and we're excited to share this new happy and healthy chapter with you all.

For now stay tuned with us for more to come, enjoy the dish! And if you get some pics please tag and and share with us @fashionmusicfriends
Much love and good vibes 

Amber + The FMF Team xx


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