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Happy Hump Day :-)
Hope you're all having an awesome week. This weeks post will be a little different as it's from me on more of a personal level, so sit back make a cuppa or pour a glass of wine and enjoy my novel, because we all know how much I love to have a long ass conversation! LOL
amber_kim Dad_Me
Here is me at the age of 2 with my beautiful Mumma Bear Kim and here is Me with my awesome Daddio Paul at the age of 33. Both of these guys are my world, I wouldn't be here without them, I hope I make them as proud as they make me of them! 
Later this week I will be celebrating my 34th birthday and the reason I wanted to share this with you all, is because each year that passes and I celebrate my birthday, it reminds me of how far I have come and how long I have been trading with Fashion Music Friends.
It will almost be 4yrs since starting the business. However what most of you don't know, is I actually started an FMF Pop up the week of my 30th birthday back in 2014.
Here I am at my first Fashion Music Friends Pop Up in Gould st Bondi with my beautiful friend, who I absolutely adore Tali from the amazing Jatali Bondi.
Here is my crazy Bondi Fairy Godmother Leaza, who you may have met at our Social Catch up's in store, she is like the mother hen when it comes to our events, store runs, all round support we love her to bits! This pic was taken of Lea at our Pop-Up event in Bondi, looking super cool behind the decks! 
Call me crazy but yes I did give up a bunch of social plans all to have a 4 day pop up shop right in the heart of Bondi beach!
Here is a pic on my 30th and we had a very tame smaller birthday celebration as this old gurl had to be up super early for another 13hr cracker, back at the pop up!
See turning 30 was a turning point for me as when I was in my early 20's I started my first business. Looking back at that time I was so young but I loved what I was doing. I had an office in Surry Hills, traveled to China for manufacturing, selling my own label nationally and internationally.
Being so young, at that time I felt I wanted to go back and work in a team, do some personal travel, get into music and come back and do this at a later age after having more life experiences. 
Amber_Lou Me_China_1Me_China_2
Here is me with my old Boss and friend Louise from Kitten Pink in China with our manufacturers. Out dancing and Karaoke, you never sleep in China its all about long hours work and play! Some further pics of us at the fabric markets and me just amazed by everything! It was insane and such an incredible experience. 
So off I went doing all those things and more.. I worked with some of the best people in the Fashion and Music industry, helping them build their businesses and absolutely loving every minute of it!
I travelled for work and play, got into music, performed and released music tracks locally and internationally which I currently still do.
me_sing me_singing
Here is me at my first launch of my first release which was held at the old Ruby Rabbit on Oxford street Paddington. 
Check out some of my music links here on soundcloud below:
It was full on, blood, sweat and tears all the way. I always worked extremely hard running other people's businesses, I ran them like they were my own as I knew what it took to do this, so I never said no, I just got stuck in and worked my butt off! 
As I was reaching my 30's I couldn't decide what life had for me next, I had done so much in my career at such a young so I wasn't sure what my next plan should  be.
Was it to pack my bags and move to London before it was too late with Visa's, or was it to stay and do what I had always promised myself by the age of 30 and that was to start my own business again. 
So here I was at the age of 29, just days away from turning 30, the journey of Fashion Music Friends began...
And almost 4yrs later here I sit in our Fashion Music Friends head office on a Wednesday morning writing this blog and sharing my love for what we do.
FMF Store  Gem_Livy  ambz_Liv Lena_store Liv_Maj
Here are some pics of my beautiful team and our awesome store in Potts Point. Gemma, Olivia, Paullina and baby Maja, love these girls, they make FMF rock!!!!!! 
I wont give you all the rundown on the business and how it all started, the struggles and triumphs I have had along the way, this will be a blog on it's own that I will share with you all one day. 

Here are some snaps of all our beautiful customers who we consider friends, wearing their favorite pieces from the store. 
 Customer        chardz_   mel_kidsmary_dawn_shashacustomer
Customer   customer
     customer   Liv_customer
Vidur  Ben
I wanted to share how far I have come with the business over the years but more importantly, talk about the pleasure I have had of meeting so many incredible, absolutely talented men + woman over the years, being able to style, find the perfect pieces, making you all feel absolutely amazing on the outside but more importantly just as great on the inside.
Mum and Daughter_Customer Rosalie_Customer  customer Maria_customer Miga_customer Livy_Dogkelley_customer Me_Katie_Maud
Mary_Dawn_Customer   Cusutomers
Rach_customerME_ Simone 
Jaqu the_girls
Me and Amanda  Customer_Karina
Fashion Music Friends wouldn't be the same without any of you, you have all been more like friends to myself and staff, some even family!
All I ever wanted for FMF was a place customers could call a home a way from home, you guys have also made that for myself and my team as well. 
  customer  customers 
ben_ben Customer   customer
  Simone_Customer     CustomerBee_Customer  store_3
To find the right words to say to you all, I could write for days so I found a quote that resonates with me the most below.  
This week for my birthday, I wanted to send out an appreciation post to you all. You've all made mine and my teams journey at FMF an incredible one. We are so excited to celebrate with you all our Christmas Drinks on the 11th December can continue many celebrations in the New Year with our regular social nights in store.
We have lot's of exciting things underway and cannot wait to share this next part of our journey with our beautiful FMF Family. 
store_1 suz_customer
doggies Sally_MUM
Thank you again for an incredible journey, I wish you all nothing but the most amazing last few months of 2018. 
Much Love, Amber + The FMF Team xox 
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