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Thought we'd change a few things up on our Blog this week and take the opportunity to talk to the gorgeous Karys from "Turnd up fitness".


Karys may look a little familiar, not just from her awesome live-stream dance moves, Karys is also our beautiful model from our latest collection on our online store.

If you've not been online and checked them out, then you should definitely head on over to our website and check out this babe dressed in some super cute threads like the pics below
Here is some snaps of the gorgeous Karys dressed in FMF threads.

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 As many of you would know, if you've shopped on our online store or had been in our physical store or follow and hang out with us through our social channels, many of you would know we've never just been another store with this in and out the door kind of service!!!

No no, not at Fashion Music Friends, that is an absolute NO NO!!! Because at FMF we are all about sharing the love, spreading the good vibes and getting to know all of you on a more personal level.
  So let's not wait any longer and let's get straight to it! 

"Get to know"

I'm here on a facetime call, while writing and chatting with the gorgeous @turndupfitness_karys we hope you love getting to know this beautiful girl just as much as we do.

For the live interview, please head to our insta page.
Amber: So Karys, the team and I have put together some questions to ask that we know our customers and friends would love to know about you. Would you mind going over them with me and sharing some personal things with everyone about yourself.

Karys: Absolutely, I would be delighted to share with everyone so fire away.

Amber: Great! And before we start, just be yourself and let go and share away, as realness is what we are all about at FMF. 

Karys: Totally my style, so let's definitely get into it!

Amber: Awesome hun, so tell us, where are you from?
                                           Karys: The Welsh Valleys (UK)
Amber: I’ve been to many places in the UK and absolutely loved it!
Amber: And where are you currently living and with who? 
Karys: In Brighton Le Sands Sydney with my hubby Seb.
Amber: Nice hun! That’s a beautiful part of Sydney and where I am from.

Karys: Yes! You lucky thang! I absolutely love it! Beautiful neighborhood, beaches, it’s really lovely here.

Amber: What was your decisions/plans to move to Australia and Why? 

Karys: We had visited twice before with some family living out here and absolutely loved the place. Last time we came (last year on honeymoon) we didn’t want to leave and had the holiday blues all year! Myself and the hubby are massive sun worshipers and we are both 30 this year so it was the last year for us to get a working holiday visa, so it was now or never! 

Amber: I seem to be hearing that a lot lately, how awesome Aus is and why people need to move here… I mean I get it our sun in winter is still so magical, so it’s hard not to fall in love with the place and never want to leave when the weather is pretty much incredible all year round.

Karys: Exactly! That’s why we couldn’t resist the temptation with coming back!

Amber: I can imagine… So I’m definitely a morning person, so I’m keen to ask what your morning routine looks like?
Karys: I’ve been finding it hard to get into a routine at the moment, with everything going on - but I tend to get up, have a cup of hot water and lemon, check my emails, do a morning yoga, then cook some breakfast before taking a stroll down to the beach and grabbing a coffee! 

Amber: Hmm are we long lost sisters? Because that’s extremely similar to my routine also! LOL I mean more when I was back in Sydney, now it’s down by the river or via the cool old buildings here in Hamburg.. But I too am a big fan of all of those things in your morning routine. One thing I will say is don’t beat yourself up about not feeling like you’re in a routine at the moment or that you’re finding it hard to stick to one because EVERYONE of us is feeling the same, so you’re definitely not alone there.

Amber: One thing I will suggest it’s my little secret and I’ve been doing it for years now is keeping a quote book with me wherever I live or travel with and randomly flicking open a page and reading it and let that quote sit in my mind and resonate with me for that day. I also leave the book open on that page so it creates energy and keeps the good vibes flowing all day… Anyway, that’s my little tip and I find that helps kick starting my day.

Karys: That’s a really great way to start the day, I will have to get my quote books out and do the same, love that one, thank you for sharing it with me.

Amber: You are most welcome hun. So, tell us a little more about your work as a fitness instructor, is this your fulltime role?

My main profession back home was Project Management for the Ministry of Defence, but I’m yet to pick up work in Australia, so I have really been focusing on my second profession as a Turnd Up Fitness Instructor, which is my real passion! Turn’d Up Fitness is a dance fitness programme to RnB, HipHop and Dancehall music, which way more than just a fitness class!

Karys: It focuses on building confidence, feeling amazing about yourself and burning up to 1000 calories in an hour! It would be an absolute dream to do this full time for a living, as it’s the most fun and empowering dance fitness class around, and it really does change people’s lives! I love spreading positivity, love and building confidence through this class and helping people achieve their weight loss goals, but more importantly their personal self-love goals! 

Amber: Thanks for sharing that hun, guys, if you've not done one of Karys's classes you need to, I did one before we went live-stream on our insta interview and DAMN I was hot, sweaty and booty shaking all over the dancefloor (aka my living-room) and it was so much fun! I just love how positive, vibrant and fun your whole session was, so thanks for having me, I'm pumped for the next one!

Karys: You're absolutely welcome, it was really nice to have you a part of this and I'm so happy to hear you had so much fun.

Amber: My next question is What do you love most about Australia?

Karys: The sun is definitely a big thing! Even coming into winter is lovely that there’s always a blue sky! Also, the food and the wildlife I love! There’s so many things! 

Amber: You're definitely not wrong there Aus winter is incredible!

Amber: And what is something you miss about home? 

Karys: Friends and Family of course, and my our fur baby George! And the peaceful sound of tweeting birds! The birds out here are so loud and crazy! 

Amber: LOL birds? Well that's definitely not one I've heard before but I'll take that! LOL... Oh yes your fur baby George, here is a cute pic of George for all our readers to see.


Karys: Oh yes my fur baby George, I miss his gorgeous face, and his cuddles on my chest! I know he’s being well looked after back home, but still wish his cutie face could be here with us! 

Amber: Oh hun I can definitley relate to you about the missing fur babies back home... And here is your gorgeous wedding pic as well! Absolutely love!

Karys: Yes, my Wedding Day ❣️All my closest family and friends in one beautiful place in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy! It remains the best day of my life and it’s going to be hard to top!

Amber: Yes I'm sure what an incredible way to spend your guys special day.

Amber: You know I'm all about realness and it's important to share the good times and the bad so people can connect, one thing I as I'm sure many would like to know is, How did you manage yourself through the coronavirus times? And did you a learn some new tricks or cooking tips? 

Karys: At first, all I was doing was reading about it and it really gave me bad anxiety! So I stopped watching the news, and just checked the coronavirus Australia app once a day for updates, and tried not to think about it as much as I could, and adapt to the new way of life!

Karys: It’s been hard as I haven’t had a main job, which is why I set up my 28 Crop top challenge offering free classes online up until the end of May, to give something back and give me something to focus on! I haven’t really learnt many new things, apart from learning about 15 new dance routines and I’ve been riding my bike a lot more often (haven’t not ridden since I was about 12!), which I have been loving! 

Amber: Wow!!! I think you've done extremely well, I mean one thing I'm finding is social media, news reports, TV, the lot wherever you turn, we are constantly being bombarded by a lot of negative information coming in all sorts. It could even be just as simple as posts on social saying "Hey there, the person reading this , hope you're making plans in these Corona times and chasing your dreams'. And to be honest that's the kind of stuff people definitely do not need to be seeing.

Amber: I mean the world is in a bloody pandemic, the last thing people need is to be goal chasing, just getting up to make your bed and get to the kitchen to make a coffee is a real effort and we should all be happy with at least making the effort to do that. These times have given many including myself a state of trauma, it's a process we are all going through right now...

Amber: Ahh Sorry you know me I can get really stuck into that stuff! LOL back to you babes, I AM SO PROUD of you, becasue I think you've done bloody awesome under the circumstances.
 Amber: Ok so where were we after after that? LOL oh yes me asking you some funky questions.. You know I've got to ask right, I mean this is how we also connect as well, I mean that and a few other things but this definitely! What do you love about Fashion Music Friends?

Karys: I love not only how amazing quality the clothes are, but the sense of friendship & community the brand brings with it! 

Amber: Thanks for your kind words hun, it's really nice that even in the short time we've known one another that you can see exactly what we stand for I mean we really do love to build real connections and solid friendships who become more like family. 

Amber: We love to connect with everyone through the likes of all the things we love and have in common with our customers and friends and that's those three beautiful words... Fashion Music Friends.
Amber: Tell us, what is your favorite piece of clothing from FMF  and what you're currently wearing at the moment?

Karys: I absolutely LOVE the Portland Knit at the moment now the weathers getting that little bit colder! It’s so soft & comfortable, but I can’t wait to dress up in the Veronica dress when I’m able to get out an about very soon!

Amber: Yes the Portland knit has been our best selling style for years now! It's an absolute fav for so many, as it's a style you can dress up and down and being a cotton based knit as you mentioned it's super soft and comfortable to wear.

Amber: As for the Veronica Dress yes I really love this style myself also, I love that it's again something you can dress up and down and pair back with sneakers and a leather jacket, because you know me, if it doesn't work with sneakers than we aren't buying it! As it's a must for versatility when buying for our gorgeous customers at FMF.

Amber: I guess lastly what I'd love to know is whats your plans for 2020 will be, well what's left of it, under the new environment changes we now live under.

Karys: I would like to try and stick to our plan as much as possible, and travel as much of Australia as we can when the restrictions are lifted, obviously abiding by social distancing. I am also going to make sure I appreciate all the little beautiful things in life, as I’ve realized how precious it can be️.

Amber: That's awesome to hear hun, I mean for me and how I try to live with the whole situation and what it is, is I try to tell myself to become comfortable with what life is and how we all know it as it has become today.

Amber: I try to make out like the Coronavirus is my friend, as it can really help in these difficult times we are all having and going through together. Our new way of living and how things are and will be going forward, will become the complete norm so it's easier if we just try to get comfy with it as bit by bit the restrictions will lift and you will find you're way back into this new world, stronger mentally and physically for it.

Amber: Karys, thank you so much for joining me on this facetime call and of course for taking part in "Get to know" It's been an absolute pleasure and doing our livestream was an absolute ball! Especially the part where you left me hanging in the beginning and our viewers were just watching me on my own chewing a quick bite to eat!... Whoops, sorry friends! LOL

Karys: LOL a girl gotta eat right! LOL

Amber: Absolutely!!! You know me and so does everyone else so no shame there i guess! LOL

Karys: And you're very welcome, thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me and doing our livestream chat on insta, that was so much fun and I look forward to doing something like that again soon with you and the FMF customers.

Amber: Absolutely hun, I'm sure there is more to come from us and of course doing some livestream dance classes once I can get my act together and do a bloody routine! LOL 

Karys: Oh no, you are totally awesome at it and besides I make the moves super easy, real fun for everyone. 

Amber: Yes that you do and I have to say again, honestly the class was so much fun and I cannot wait to jump online and do it all again! (Checkout me doing Karys's livestream Twerk it Tuesday class) In our highights section in our insta page @fashionmusicfriends

Amber: Karys hun, is there anything you'd like to share with us before you go?

Karys: Yasss that's the best attitude to have! And yes I would love to share with everyone that my next class is this Saturday! It’s called Sassy Saturday @ 10AM AEST followed by a step by step Tutorial @5pm AEST of one of our favourite dancehall routines on the @turndupfitness live feed. I would absolutely love to see your gorgeous faces there and of course yours too Amber!
Amber: Girlfriend I would absolutely love to join in on the 5pm one as that time works for me here in Germany so I’ll be there, moving and shaking + giving my neighbors something entertaining to watch! Lol

Karys:  You crack me up! Lol. 
Amber: Karys thank you again, it’s been such a pleasure having you! And FMF Friends here's a few extra pics below of Karys's Favs, that she wanted to share a little something more with you. Enjoy, much love and good vibes from Amber + the FMF Team. xx
Karys: Thanks again Amber + Friends... Here is some of my fav pics from my travels...
Karys: Coffee from my favorite little cafe in Surry Hills, Suzie Qs - one of the reasons we kept coming back to Sydney! Great people, great food, great coffee!

Karys: The Taj Mahal. This was definitely one ticked off my bucket list to see one of the 7 wonders of the world with my love. The beauty of that building is actually indescribable until you see it yourself, and the pictures don’t actually do it justice. Definitely a must see! 

Karys: Me filming for Turnd Up Fitness On Demand! This was taken only 3 weeks after I qualified as a Turnd Up Fitness Instructor, and our founder Shekira Johnson asked me to be involved in her filming for our Turnd Up Fitness On Demand service, which was such a privilege! I had the best time, and actually felt like I was in a music video. This is when I knew Turnd Up Fitness was the passion id been searching for my whole life. 


Karys: Me and my Moto ! This was in a bar in Vietnam, when we were traveling just before we got to Aus and we just had to go in to have a drink! It has been my moto for maybe the past 6/8 years, when some family heartbreak made me realize how short life really is, so now I live every day to the max! 
It's been such a pleasure to share all of this with you.

Karys: Again many thanks to Amber + The FMF Team for having me on here and to all of their beautiful customers and friends a huge thank you for taking part in reading this or tuning in to watch the livestream on insta.

See you all in class, online soon I hope :-)
Love Karys xox

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