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Hi Friends,
Hope you're all having an awesome week.

Sharing a little something different this month on the blog as this was an absolute must to share with you all..
Because I wanted to tell everyone, that when the boarders are back open and the world is running a little different to the times we are having now... is please go and book your flights and head to Tyrol, Austria!!!

I spent 5 days there a few weeks back and I was completely blown away by it all. It was everything i dreamed of an more. And although we had to come back to Germany and Quarantine, it was all absolutely worth it!

Austria part 1

Our initial trip to the beautiful Tyrol, Austria wasn’t planned for the most happiest circumstances, as we had a family funeral to attend. However we definitely tried to make the best out of our time spent there with family and friends.

It was really an incredible thing to do, especially in these times we are all experiencing through the Covid world we live in today. To have such an opportunity to travel, see family and friends and visit the incredible Austria, I’ll be sure to remember this special time sent there for the rest of my life and will forever be grateful for it.

Especially to experience all the traditions, be shown so much love, kindness and generosity from family and friends, a long with being served delicious local food and wine and be surrounded by the incredible nature Tyrol, Austria has to offer.
We definitely left with a full heart and a full belly and hope to be back there again one day soon.

Here are some snaps I took of all the beautiful surroundings through my mountain walks or my morning run through the Village. Oh and of course some of the many delicious dishes and food we ate.

I also got to do some yoga after our big walk up the mountain with such an incredible teacher. My partners beautiful step mother Christine, took sometime to do some yoga with me which was so nice to do after our big walk.

Christine showed me how to do some great poses and lots of great breathing techniques. Definitely a must to try if you're ever visiting Tyrol, I highly recommend you book a session or many, in with Christine as I felt like a new person after our session together. 



austria t
Austria Mountain

So to let you in on a little secret about me personally...My biggest fear in life is heights! And guess what I conquered that one while I was away in Austria, not that I really had a choice?

I mean I was meeting my partners family who are from there for the first time, so as lovely and supportive as they all are, how could I say no to walking to the top of Venet mountain which is 2212 metres high!!!

I mean put me in a studio to record a song, on stage to perform, open up businesses, take down a couple of baddies 😂 but heights!!!!
That’s a HUGE no no for me!

But guess what I did it! sweaty palms, jelly legs and a huge anxiety rush at the top of the mountain, where I also had to quickly eat a bunch of sugar lollies to calm my nerves and blood pressure but I BLOODY DID IT!!!

I am so proud of myself, because it was such an incredible mountain to walk up and what you see when you're up there is really magical.

The thing is I’m a huge believer in always challenging yourself and giving everything a go, because what’s the worse that could happen? I passed out or maybe I slipped? What about if I missed out on what was an incredible experience that then turned my fear of heights into half of what it was?

Because that’s exactly what it did and more.. I mean being up so high started out scary, then it turned into such a truly magical and extremely unforgettable experience.

So I am damn proud of myself for getting on with it and going up there and I am so thankful for my partner and he’s family for being very patient and super caring when I freaked out initially to get up there.😂 (thanks guys x)

And after all the village and mountain walks, you get to sit around with family an friends, indulge on nothing but the best local food, wine, schnaps, cakes you name it!

Again, really blown away by all of the hospitality, all the love and generosity that goes into everything. Really, you can feel it from the moment you arrive in Tyrol, Austria. For me it was a real home away from home kind of experience.

And although I traveled and met family and friends who kindly welcomed us and showed us around the village, I can tell you even as a tourist you would still have the same feeling.

Austrian people are very much this way with everything they do, when you meet them.. So you will just have to travel there one day and experience this yourself, I know you'll be blown away by it all. :-)

Another thing to add about the trip is, right now flying and being in airports is really calming as it’s not this rush around crazy busy feeling. However to see so many business and staff no longer around and passengers flying out to see family, work, or travel and make magical memories is quite sad for so many.

I hope that when travel becomes a lot easier, we all get to see and do things we once maybe took for granted but this time round, really make the most of it and support airlines, businesses and travel agencies. 🙏🏻

Here are a few more extra snaps of Austria and of course my new found furry friend 'Speedy' The mountain cat (well at least that's what I call him) because he's bloody huge!)  and to the lovely man walking up the street, if you ever read this and see your pic, I do apologize for chasing you up the street to snap a pic of your Sunday threads :-) Vielen Dank.


Tyrol, Austria 🇦🇹 you really stole my heart❣
Until next time. Amber xxx

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  • …to have you here…sorry for the mistake

    • Christine
  • …to have you here…sorry for the mistake

    • Christine
  • It was a real pleasure to gave you here with us. We realky enjoyed every minute with you and looking forward to welcome you again.
    Big hugs 🥰

    • Christine