Music is my saving grace...

Hey Friends, 
Hope you're all having an awesome end to Feb and prepping yourself for a magical march.

This month on the blog, I'm sharing with you all my latest Music release.  

Along with having the business, I write and record music... And once upon a time I did sing in clubs. However I took a break in between to focus on writing and recording music, a long with building my other business baby as you all know it today "Fashion Music Friends" for those who are reading this. 
It's where the name came from of course as it's basically what the center of my life has always been about. Fashion, Music and Friends of course! 

Call me crazy and a super busy bee... And that I am absolutely am and I wouldn't change a thing!

Music has been a part of my soul since I was born and as I grew older it truly became my saving grace, through the many chapters of my life.

I'm sure many of us can relate, that we connect through music in so many ways.

Through good times and bad, music is there to save our souls.

It takes us back in time to old school memories, good times or bad, late nights on the dance floor (or for some early mornings) lot's of laughs and many tears.

And the best is on a crappy day when you need to let it all out, it's really there for you like a dear old friend, as you listen, you release, have a cry then a dance then shake it all out! 

For me personally it's always been all of those things. 
And that's what I continued to build the business around those three beautiful words "Fashion Music Friends" so I could stay true to what I believed in.
Please say tuned as I continue to take you on this music journey with me through our blog and for the moment I really hope you enjoy the tracks I have copied and paste the links for you to play below along with sharing the story of where I recorded the tracks, hope you enjoy. :-) 
(Please leave a comment below if you wish) 




Released with one of the best in the business! Sky Academy Records

Available on all digital stores... Original release produced by my talented friend/producer @ash_maklad in Sydney. New Vocals added in Köln, Germany and Remixed by my friend and talented producer @djadamcooper ADOREUM in the London. 
Snap shot of my idol and beautiful friend Damae sharing a post of my new music recorded with her in studio (I was over the bloody moon about meeting her) Totally blown away not just by her music talents but by Damae herself, such an  incredible soul with the biggest heart!

Damae is everything I imagined from her days singing as Fragma to meeting her in person. I mean can you imagine i grew up listening to her music, then singing her tracks in a club, then many moons later connect over social and receive a call from Damae herself to come and record with her in studio in Koln.

I mean I literally cried! I thought I woke up in a dream! I was so overwhelmed but I am forever greatful that I had this experience, it will stay in my heart forever. 



In studio with the incredible Conni! What a huge fan of he's work I am... He has worked with the most incredible artist of all time. People like Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz and Wyclef Jean, to name a few.

So to me him and get to know Conni was an absolute honor not to mention, having the opportunity to also work in studio with him and Damae really was a mind blowing experience and one I will never forget! 



I wrote the lyrics to BOY (Original)  8yrs ago. I then re wrote the track back in 2018.

Changing the vibe and melody working with my very talented and super awesome friend/producer Ash from Supernova Tribe Studio, we both worked on the track for almost a year (well until I got myself bloody together to finish it and get it out there!) And finally we did.

Here are some snaps of the Kings Cross studio I sang and recorded in for the last 6yrs. 




Now some time on, travelling on the other side of the world and recording some fresh new vocals, we now have a new remix released. 

Thinking back and remembering the days heading to the studio in Kings Cross to record the original track. The sleepless nights from working on  @fashionmusicfriends and calling Ash many times to cancel studio times, because i was so bloody tired!

Only having Ash tell me ‘Come on Ambz, you’ll be right when you get here’  just get on with it and so I did which I am really happy we did as we created something super cool! (Thanks Ash for always being more like a big bro and continuing to push me in studio always!) Your work, time and support you gave me throughout the years really boosted my confidence and drove me to where I am today with everything.

I cannot thank you enough. 

Here's Ash in studio below recording 'BOY' although they've moved the studio now to Surry Hills. Checkout the awesome team below.


Then listening to my mum ‘Kimmy’ bop a long and try very hard to sing with her lovely (not so 😂 sorry mum still love you) vocals, because it’s her favorite track!

Here's some of the snippets of my beautiful Mumma Kim , listening to the completed track for the very first time and absolutely loving it! I do have live footage of her singing this but to save your ears, I will just share her gorgeous pics of singing the track! LOL


Turning the chapter to a new year 2020 and heading to a new country, I was invited to record some vocals in Köln with my very beautiful and talented friend @damae_official who is actually one of my idols as well. It was here in Köln where Damae worked with her awesome producer and dear friend Conni, who was such a pleasure to work with. 

I also traveled there to do a further recording for a track I wrote lyrics and sang vocals on called “ONLY LOVE” (Available on all digital stores) This track I worked with the very talented producer and friend Adam Cooper ( ADOREUM) 



Released with one of the best in the business! Sky Academy Records

At the time when I traveled from Hamburg to Köln, we just came out of the first lock down. I was pretty far from homeland in Australia and now what was my 2nd home in Hamburg I was also away from.

Here is my lil Corona fur baby named Devon... He has been one of the best things, that could have ever come into my life at this particular time with moving over to a new country. As you can see in this photo of Lil D, he was hoping to sneak into my suitcase and come on this awesome journey with me... 


As I arrived to the station, I started to feel this sense of emotion and a wave of anxiety come over me. Being so far away from fam + friends from all over, I stood there at the train station feeling super nervous and unsure about stepping on the train...

So I had a little cry, okI'm lying I had a big cry! I needed to let it all out!

Moments later, I turned whatever I was feeling into excitement and I was off on that journey so fast and left however I was feeling behind me, as I was on my way and ready to meet one of my absolute idols and work with them in studio and of course visit a new city. 


And there I was on that train for the next 4hrs... I listened to music, ate my little lunch I packed, looked out at the window listening to our Fashion Music Friends Spotify playlist and took sometime to just be... In between texting Mum and My best friend from Melbourne of course, to say I was on the train and how bloody excited I was! 

When you're next in visiting Koln, Germany and looking for a place to stay, please checkout The Circle Hotel.

I couldn't have stayed in a better hotel, that not only looked super funky and full of vibes (even Corona times) I really had this home away from home kind of feeling. That came from the moment I arrived at the hotel, my check in with the awesome team their at reception, to the incredible hotel rooms, super comfortable beds, the food, bars and overall stay at The Circle. 

Corona life has definitely served us with the many challenges and changes throughout all our businesses, watching how cool, calm and collective the team at The Circle worked through all of this, just made my stay their much more comfortable! I would be definitely back to stay there again, because their breakfast and that view of the city was insane! I didn't even get a clear shot as I was caught up in the moment every morning I went there. 

Koln_3 Koln_4










Here was my very first dinner/meeting with my two favourite industry friends, the very beautiful and super talented Damae + Connie. 

What an unforgettable opportunity it was to meet these two incredible souls. Extremely fortunate to have crossed paths and worked with them both. 



Back at the hotel, the next morning I was up early for my daily routine with fitness and filling up my belly more than once at the best breakfast buffet! It was the first time I had been away just myself in years!

And it's extremely rare I take time for just being me and doing all the things I love and all the things that nurture your soul. 


I did all of that and more, because when I headed home from this trip away it really changed something in me and it's something I will never forget.


So if you're reading this, please remember that no matter how busy life gets or how much or little time you have to yourself, even if it's just taking a morning coffee, a walk and to catch your breath, whatever it may be, do it for you and take a moment to breath and take all that's around you in and be grateful for all that you have in your life.

Even in our darkest moments or our hardest times, life has so many beautiful things to offer us, you just need to look around you and appreciate all the little things, because they really help and will always mean a lot. 



Packed with me all my favorites mostly all my @fashionmusicfriends threads of course! :-) 



i'm such a big quote person. This below is my screensaver and I'm sharing this as this is what got me through my trip and some of my days where I just needed some motivation over the years. Hope they help and inspire you also. 




Heading out and about to try out some delicious food and see all that Koln has to offer and more... 


Had to facetime mum, oh and her fur babies of course they needed to say G'day! 







It was such an awesome weekend away not only meeting two industry talents and having an incredible opportunity to work with them both, but more importantly connecting with them personally and professionally, having learnt so so much about myself and life and by the time I was leaving I left with new friends who become more like family.






This was by far was on of the most incredible Cathedral's I have ever come across! 




While I was away in Koln, I also had a dear friend of mine from School sadly pass away. Here at the Cathedral I lit a candle and said some words and reflected on her life, our friendship and told her how much I missed her already. 

It was hard not to be home in Australia and be with her family and friends and go through the process of this all togther, I felt at peace with myself and the news being able to do this for her. Thinking of you always and sending you love Ness. 





As I came to the end of my trip, I was sad to leave.. Of course I was looking forward to getting back to my life in Hamburg and my beautiful Lil Devon, I was just so overwhelmed how I had such an incredible time away singing, meeting inspiring industry talents and visiting a new city, it truly was an awesome time away. 

But more than anything for the first time in a long time, I really found myself again as Music has always been my saving grace, so I strongly believe that for me "Music is the answer". 

As time went on and lockdown really kicked in and we all turned a little crazy, feeling like you’re locked up in a cage and knowing it's what has to be done to keep people safe!

You have to wake up and tell yourself each day, that it's in these moments we have in life and through all the ups and downs, comes incredible things!

Like this new remix along with some other really cool tracks to coming soon. 

You have to keep hope in your hearts, focus on doing all the things you love, things that will nurture your soul and know better days are coming  

So as always, stay tuned as there's always more to come from us with the Launch of our new Fitness line along with diving deeper into our jewellery line.

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