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Hi Friends,
Hope you're having an awesome week.
This week on the blog I thought I'd talk all things music. Because as the great Beethoven once said "Music can change the world."

And of course for all of us here reading this, we are all about
Fashion Music Friends right? :-) 

I also believe that it's in these times we have all experienced this year or just in general in the good times and the bad, music is what saves u! It's such a healing tool for so many.

My little music quotes to you all to write in your phones or diaries this week as a friendly reminder when you need some good vibes to turn too...

Music for me is the soul for life, it's there for you in good times and bad.

Music brings back memories a long with creating new ones.

Music brings light to your darkness and through your darkness it brings you back to life.

I hope these words bring you love and strength in your times of need. xx

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So in this weeks blog, I would like to take you away from your social media channels and get you tuned in with me as I take you on an a music journey with this incredible new album I am listening too.

And so it goes... 

A few weeks back I was sitting working on our online store quite late one night..

Here is my pic to prove it! LOL... I mean it was pretty late hence my fur baby working mum duties were all about multi tasking so I could get two jobs done!

I was doing some social updates while nursing my 3 month old baby kitten Devon (he has a super cute insta account by the way @devonsiam)

Devon can only sleep two ways wrapped in your arms or like a scarf around your neck in bed! LOL so I needed to multi task myself so I could make him happy and relaxed and get my job done! :-)

Amber Maxwell Devon

So while working away and nursing the lil fella, I was listening to our Spotify channel and I some how stumbled across the album by the very talented Josh Edwards.

"Blanco White"
The first song I listened to was 'On the other side' and boy was I blown away! 
The next song that came 'I belong to you' and I was in a different world by that stage.. I mean what a journey they both took me on...
I continued to listen to the album for the next 3hrs, sent it around to some friends and literally since the day I came across this incredible album it's been on repeat everyday!

Especially my two favorite tracks that I mentioned above.



Josh Edwards known professionally as Blanco White is an extremely talented singer-songwriter and guitarist from London. After studying in Cadiz, Spain and Bolivia, South America, Edwards aimed to bring together both elements Andalusian and Latin American music with a mix and influence from his hometown in London.



Around 2016 Ewards was then picked-up and signed by London based indie Yucatan, it was from here that he then released his two first EP's under  Blanco White calling them ‘The Wind Rose’ EP and ‘Colder Heavens’


Then came a long his third EP release in 2018  'Nocturne'. Edwards then went on selling out in shows right across Europe and the States to date.


Each release just keeps on getting better...
His debut album ’On the Other Side’ was released on June 5th 2020.


Check it out and let me know your thoughts and comments
on the blog post below.

The thing is music really takes you on a journey and whatever journey that is, it's your journey and it belongs to you.

It's a moment in time, where your world feels like it's stopped.
You lose yourself in the music and set yourself free.

You connect emotionally, mentally, then physically as the rhythm of the music runs deep through your body, you then let go and really get swept away.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks log and tuning in with us this week. We hope you enjoy the new album 'Blanco White' and it takes you on an incredible journey as it did for the team and I.

We wish you all an awesome rest of the week. Stay tuned for more exciting things on the way with our online store and blog sessions at FMF.
Much love and good vibes.
Amber xox

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