Gennaro's traditional 'spaghetti' Bolognese

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As the season cools and we snuggle into the comfort of our homes, even though we are slowly working our way out of the COVID times, we are being pulled back into spending again a little more time at home due to the cooler months.

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But hey if there's some things that we can take away from those times of growth, both emotionally and mentally it was cooking our way back to sanity! I mean was it just me and my partner or did anyone else immerse themselves into watching loads of cooking shows on YouTube? 

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Myself and my partner cooked some mean dishes in those times while watching all the best chefs, who are not only great at cooking delicious meals, but they are so bloody entertaining when you come across the great ones.

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The best thing from all of that time spent watching cooking shows on YouTube, is that we're so bloody great at making all the dishes we learned how to cook in the COVID times and now we can whip them all up in no time! :-)

I have to say my absolute favorite dish, not just to cook but to watch as well is the dish below. Not only is this man an extremely talented chef, he is so bloody funny to watch and brings nothing but happiness and good vibes. He does that by doing what he loves most, which is cooking beautiful Italian dishes and sharing them with us all.

The meal that is my absolute favorite is
Gennaro's traditional 'Spaghetti' Bolognes.
This is my version of the dish below.

my pasta

The thing is I am such a huge fan of pasta! I mean yes I am a fitness fanatic, but I am also about eating good food and definitely food that makes me happy.
I do try to keep my diet quiet balanced, eating my vege/meats and so on, however pasta is the dish that makes me the happiest!

So it's a must to have in my diet at least once or twice a week! Gennaro's dish hits all the right spots for me and is full of so much goodness, especially eating it in company of my partner or friends.

It's a pretty easy dish to make with very few ingredients needed. I highly recommend you grab a friend, some wine and all the ingredients and plan a night in cooking this delicious hearty dish!

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I mean I have been a huge Spaghetti Bolognes fan since I guess babies could eat pasta! I've cooked it loads of different ways, however this was my absolute favorite of all times, if I must say.

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Thanks for taking the time to tune in with our blog post this week.
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