Fashion Music Friends is not just home to amazing clothes. We love creativity in all its forms and welcome the opportunity to showcase and collaborate with artists locally and around the globe. Artists create, we showcase their work, and every purchase pays these talented individuals. It's simple but vital for the creative scene and the talent behind it.

Sydney-based artist Antony Makhlouf occupies exciting creative positions in various industries. 

We are thrilled to be able to showcase his intricate, illustrative works and socially-charged photographic pieces. Antony has been commissioned to produce artworks to serve as labels for wine ranges and for the face of coffee distributors. JCDecaux, Channel 10, Sanofi and Sydney theatres such as Ensemble and PACT have worked with Makhlouf on projects with a photographic focus.

Help support all the incredibly talented creatives. Whether you’re an artist or not, we hope you’ll enjoy this artwork as much as we do. Join us in empowering independent creativity!